I created this blog to share my experience with the online community. To some extent it's all been done before and the internet doesn't need another blog. I aim to highlight my approach and practice articulating concepts for my personal development. I hope to also benefit the community with plain and simple explanations of what I've learned.

This blog focuses on these categories:

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GenesisApp - A journey through containers, security and deployment

Summary This post introduces a series of articles about a sample application I built during my personal discretionary time. The application aims to pre-game all the business and technical requirements...

Baked In v. Bolt On Security

Summary Security practioners often describe security planning as baked-in or bolted-on. This blog unpacks this analogy and challenges the derision of bolting-on security.

Cross site scripting - Why Care?

Why care about cross site scripting (XSS)? Summary Cross site scripting (XSS) is one of the top ten web-based <a vulnerabilities. XSS abuse results in remote code execution in the...

Plain and Simple Terms

Why plain and simple terms? I struggle to communicate complex ideas. Distilling a complicated topic is difficult when the audience doesn’t have a common background. The American education system trained...

Organizational Discipline - Planning & Solitude

Why practice organizational discipline? I met with a group of High School students on April 13, 2018 and offered them unsolicited advice. I wanted to offer the same advice through...