About Me

My name is Brandon Martin. I grew up on a farm at the end of an old wagon road from New England. My ancestors settled in South Carolina before the American Revolution and we haven’t moved far since. I studied Liberal Arts and Physics at Erskine College and earned a Six Sigma black belt crunching numbers at a Charlotte Steel Mill. A big thanks to the men and women who taught me safety.

I career-hopped to a big bank and learned about everything from Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) to software development. Then a good friend invited me to join him in information security. A niche technology firm gambled and I became a “Stalwart” engineer. I learned to practice security from great leaders and outstanding engineers.

These experiences formed who I am today. This blog draws on common sense from the farm, Six Sigma from the mill, GRC from the bank, and my security practice.

Outside of work I’m a recovering sinner and seek to be more like Jesus Christ. I won’t say much else about that in the blog, but please ask me if you wonder why that’s relevant. I love climbing trees, helping people grow, and spending time with my family and church youth group. I miss regular work on the family farm.

You can follow me on twitter @PlainOldBrandon and on LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not reflect the opinion of my past, current or future employers. Any advice is marginal and does not reflect the views of any entity but myself. The reader should consider all risks before implementing advice described in these pages. I do my best to cite ideas and their owners, but please let me know if I miss giving credit to someone deserving.

A younger me